CardonerSeminar-2019-2020 - Deep
2019-2020 Cardoner Seminar

This seminar will meet once per month for seven three-hour sessions.  Each session will include readings and reflective exercises designed to deepen and crystallize the personal relevance of the subject matter for each participant. 


Deep Work:

Gratitude, Generativity & Joy

“Leadership is lifting a person's vision to higher sights,

the raising of a person's performance to a higher standard,

the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations.”
~Peter Drucker


St. Ignatius of Loyola understood the root of fragmentation and estrangement from ourselves and others to be a lack of gratitude.  For this reason, his contemplative approach is grounded in a conscious practice of gratitude, which naturally engenders the integrity and generativity so central to leadership.  This deep work invites us to take “a long, loving look at the Real” in order to discover the hidden wholeness that includes both our joy and our sorrow.


In this seminar, we will explore a variety of evidence-based practices for cultivating gratitude as well as effective strategies for building our sense of personal agency, confidence and resilience.  By developing our capacity to acknowledge the various goods of our life, we are nourished and naturally inspired to express our gratitude in concrete deeds.  This is generativity -  the creative, dynamic impulse to cross the threshold of self in order to enrich the lives of others.  This developmental process bestows upon us an awareness of our radical interdependence, an embodied knowing that we have something of value to transmit to others, and a deep joy in offering our unique contribution toward the restoration of the world. 

The seminar will be held Sunday Evenings from 6pm-9pm at the Hamsa Yoga Center in Lake Orion, MI.​

  • Presenters​​
    • Alan C. Haras, MA
    • Melissa Peet, PhD
    • Rita Patel, MPH
    • Paula Kliger, PhD
    • Kehinde Ayeni, MD
    • Kavitha Chinnaiyan, MD
    • Tom Yeomans, PhD​​​​


  • Dates & Topics:​

    • 9/29 ~  The Labor of Gratitude with Alan Haras, MA

    • 10/27 ~ Generative Knowledge with Melissa Peet, PhD

    • 11/24 ~ We Are Human First with Paula Kliger, PhD & Kehinde Ayeni, MD

    • 1/12 ~ Conversational Leadership with Rita Patel, MPH

    • 2/9 ~ Uncovering Inner Bliss with Kavitha Chinnaiyan, MD​

    • 3/8 ~ The Yoga of Joy and Sorrow with Tom Yeomans, PhD (from 5pm - 8pm via Skype)

    • 4/5 ~ The Fruit of Interior Knowledge with Alan Haras, MA

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