Certificate Program

Certificate in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching

"There is something in every one of you that waits and listens for the sound of the genuine in yourself.  It is the only true guide you will ever have."
~Howard Thurman

The Zen Buddhist master Nan Huai Chin says that at the core of the Confucian theory of leadership formation is idea that “if you want to be a leader, you have to be a real human being.  You must recognize the true meaning of life before you can become a great leader.  You must understand yourself first.”  What is implied is that leadership formation takes time - and not simply the passing of time, but an on-going contemplative engagement with oneself in order to form, reform and transform the human heart.

In partnership with the Synthesis Center in Amherst Massachuesetts, The Cardoner Institute has developed this unique training in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching, that honors the whole person and provides a framework to ....


What do we mean by coaching?

  • It is a supportive and empowering relationship and activity that honors the autonomy and responsibility of the client.

  • It is strength-based, as well as goal and future oriented in purpose.

What do we mean by leadership coaching?

  • The Cardoner Institute emphasizes leadership as a calling, rather than a specific role.

  • "The nature and scope of the work that is possible in leadership coaching is determined by three things; the professional capability and personal capacity of the coach; the openness and availability of the client; and the nature of the needs and issues they bring. Different coaches can work at a greater or lesser level of depth, involving emotional, personal and psychological ground, depending upon their training, skills and experience.” ~Aubyn Howard & Paul Elliott

Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching Training

Level 1: Psychosynthesis: A Contemplative Psychology

  • Presence

    • Through the use of reflective exercises and various perspectives from the field of human development, the Cardoner Institute promotes a contemplative orientation aimed at encouraging greater self-awareness, interior freedom and opportunities for participants to embody the qualities they wish to represent in the world.

  • Purpose

    • Drawing inspiration from the work of Roberto Assagioli, Viktor Frankl and Michael Meade, the Cardoner Institute seminars foster opportunities for participants to identify their gifts, talents and authentic purposes in order imbue their life and work with greater integrity, vitality and joy.

  • Power

    • Here, power refers to the various dimensions of will - which play a central role in the leaders ability to choose what aligns with their values, the perseverance to follow through on their calling, as well as the wisdom and self-mastery to use the power given to them skillfully and compassionately.

  • Systems

    • All contemplative practice and leadership takes place within the context of community.  Through understanding the dynamics of human systems and systemic pressures, the Cardoner Institute aims to equip leaders and contemplative practitioners alike with the skills to reclaim their power and truth within dysfunctional systems, as well as the presence and love to create Life-affirming systems within their existing communities.

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