Emerging Leaders Scholarship

One day you finally knew

what you had to do, and began...

~Mary Oliver, The Journey


The Cardoner Emerging Leaders Scholarship is intended for leaders who are 35 and under, who are seeking a deeper sense of personal and professional authenticity and integrity as well as the courage to act on their own unique mission and vision. 


Scholarship recipients will receive full tuition remission for the 2018-2019 seminar, and the opportunity to be in conversation with peers and kindred spirits who are committed to discovering what it means to be a contemplative leader at this time in their lives and at this time on the planet.

2019-2020 Scholarship Donor:

  • Renee Soenen

2019-2020  Emerging Leaders Scholarship Recipients

(Left to Right) Taylor Beardsall, Jamie Maniloff, Andrea Rose Meldrum & Maura O'Meallie

Taylor Beardsall "I find when I can tap into gratitude for the opportunities I have: to take action, to take care of myself, to be of service, to share my purpose, and be a source of kindness, that I can begin to shift into groundedness. That groundedness then allows for more peace and more opportunities to practice gratitude and empathy in action. I endeavor to be a leader whose passion, energy and generativity stems from a place of gratitude and joy. I believe that from this place, my actions are most rooted in integrity and allow me to embody my strengths to share with others. As I continue to step into an expanding leadership role in my professional life, I feel it is necessary it is to sustain a practice of Deep Work."

Jamie Maniloff ~ "It is impossible to lead without connection and genuine presence. To become leaders and guide the next generation, we must do so with aligned thought, speech and action. We all learn from those around us, and look to the previous generation to carry forth practices that resonate with us and forgo the ones that don’t. By remaining present and finding deep work in unconventional ways, we can lead by example and cultivate connection, gratitude and joy in the truest sense."

Andrea Rose Meldrum ~ "Last year’s seminar was about gathering up a reservoir of personal strength, mindfulness practices, and especially, for me, a regular journaling practice. I continue my journaling practice today and average 4-5 entries per week. Each month, I go back and review the previous month’s entries, and I am consistently surprised at the patterns, progress, and profound jewels of thought nestled within the mundane. This year’s seminar fits with a theme I’ve been feeling recently (especially since August began), a theme to think bigger for myself, to break through old inhibiting patterns, and to follow the wisdom of the teachings I share so freely – to live in the beauty of the now."

Maura O'Meallie ~ "The more I look inward at the darkest parts of myself, the more I understand others and recognize the shame we all carry. Being able to surrender to the chaos and suffering has resulted in such a gift of connection, light, joy and rooted appreciation. The deep work; the introspection and destruction always opens the door for transformation, to move away from avidya. I am eager to keep exploring, to watch my heart unfold and to better serve."

2018-2019  Emerging Leaders Scholarship Recipients

(Left to Right) Jamie Maniloff, Whitney Reddy, Andrea Rose Meldrum​, Jen Block

2017-2018  Emerging Leaders Scholarship Recipients

(Left to Right) Joseph Dugan, Jen Block, Ashley Hartzell

Emerging Leaders Cohort Mentor: Justin True

2015-2016  Emerging Leaders Scholarship Recipients

(Left to Right) Johanna MacMaster, Justin True, Anne-Marie Goike, Courtney Welch

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