Generative Leadership:

Coaching & Consulting


  • Experience your own distinctive style of creativity

  • Explore in depth your own creative practice and its application in your life

  • Grow in self-leadership and deepen your sense of confidence, courage, and agency

  • Become comfortable in the uncomfortable in order to lead in unknown and unknowable circumstances

  • Examine current circumstances to gain clarity and direction

  • Gain an appreciation for multiple perspectives, inter-relationships and contexts

  • Shift your relationship with existing constraints from a limiting view to a growth view

  • Harness the power of your thoughts, feelings, desires, body, imagination and intuition in order to achieve your goals

  • Engage in a co-creative process that supports you in your objectives as you negotiate existing boundaries and discover new horizons

  • Develop and integrate a capacity to play seriously by experiencing the relevance of play in your daily living


Creativity Coaching & Generative Leadership


The term generative connotes the capacity to thrive or to flourish.  Oftentimes, our growth as individuals or as organizations becomes stunted when we find ourselves stuck and unable to see a way forward.  At these crucial times - times of great possibility - one of the important questions to ask ones self is ‘How might I see this differently?’.  Seeing things differently, and discovering creative solutions, depends upon our ability to be curious and access and employ imagination, ingenuity and a playful approach.  The Experiments in Beautiful Thinking Process is designed to build people’s creative-capacity in order to harness their inner resources to discover artful ways of living purposefully, and finding freedom and choice within constraints.  The Generative process develops our ability to be comfortable in the unknown, in order to make connections and decisions outside of habitual beliefs. In this in richer capacity we can navigate the unknown and know a deeper sense of wellbeing.



As a Creativity Coach and Consultant, Rita designs custom “workshops” for individuals, groups and organizations based on the specified goals. These goals are determined through an initial intake questionnaire and discussion. The Generative sessions can take the form of project-based engagements, or tailored as an ongoing transformative practice that encourages people to develop a thoughtful and strategic use of their creativity. Essential to the success of each design are a sense of joy and exploration and personal relevance.



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During the intake process we determine, based on the purpose and design, the frequency of the meetings (weekly, bi-monthly, monthly).


Rita Patel, CPA, MPH, CWPPM is an artist, designer and founder of Experiments in Beautiful Thinking™.  She believes our experience of beauty can change our world by changing the way we see ourselves, our situations and our environments. As an international speaker, coach and  consultant, Rita is a creative ally for individuals, communities and organizations by designing bespoke projects.  The promise in her work is to foster personal and collective agency especially in uncomfortable and unfamiliar situations by tapping into each person’s creative force so they can connect and be in their personal power to lead with

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