Reflections from the 2015-2016 Seminar

"I want to tell you how much I enjoyed taking this journey toward contemplative leadership. It provided many opportunities for growth, personally and professionally. I found validation in many instances throughout the seven months.  It also allowed me to feel some sense of vulnerability outside of this forum and create a new level of consciousness to the feelings underneath.  It developed a renewed sense of courage and confidence and for this I am grateful and thankful."

~Amy L. Moore MA, LPC NCC SCL


"I think of the cliche yoga teacher training experience, where a student goes on training, then goes home and changes everything. Throws the baby out with the bath water, without any tools to know why or how they want to make the changes or how to make them lasting.  I feel like this seminar has been the antithesis to that experience.  Yes, everything in my life has changed. Though I feel like I have been given a gift of grace.  A set of wisdom tools to allow these changes to be guided from a deeper, more discerning and centered place. ... The classes were doors to rooms in my soul that I didn't even know existed and the content was what began to decorate the rooms with inspiration and color."

~2015-2016 Seminar Participant


"I found a group of wonderfully diverse people who have so much in common.  Each person I had the pleasure to meet was an amazing human being.  Although we may have had different experiences we all are on the same path or journey or pilgrimage. ... Being part of the Cardoner Institute has given me not only tools but gifts.  Tools to build a better life for myself which pours into all those that I come in contact with and gifts to share with those people as well. "  

~Cindy Neville


"This program was by far the most introspective and contemplative set of experiences I've ever had.  The wisdom that poured through all of the presenters deeply impacted me and I am forever grateful.  This program is definitely changing people's lives and giving the spiritual direction that is so deeply needed by so many.  The information and perspectives presented really put into words the questions that my soul was asking but my mind was unaware of.  I would (and may) do this program several times over."

~Justin True, Emerging Leader Scholarship Recipient

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